NZEB Red Cross office – refurbished with EPC, Wels

marzo 03, 2016

The district office of the Red Cross serves an area of around 500 Km2. Built in 1992, the building was poorly insulated. In 2014, a deep renovation and thermal refurbishment of the building was implemented and financed through energy performance contracting (EPC).

The refurbishment now meets NZEB standard – achieved due to high termal insulation, triple-glazed windows (U-value: 0.8 W/m2a), solar shading against overheating, hydraulic optimisation and energy monitoring. Moreover, as part of the renovation project, the building was connected to the local district heating network. The deep renovation measures permitted to reduce the building’s useful heat demand from 35.7 kWh/m3a to 12.0 kWh/m3a. The ESCO eww guarantees at 50% energy cost savings for the 15-year contract period (nearly 15,000 Euro/year) as well as annual energy savings of 214,500 kWh and around 54 tons of CO2. The total investment costs amounted to about 520,000 Euros, more a third were financed by the energy savings.

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