Regions and citizens acting together against climate change, 2 December, Paris

diciembre 16, 2015

FEDARENE and ARENE Île-de-France organized several events in Paris from 2 to 4 December.









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Event Regions and citizens acting together against climate change (2 Dec.)

Find the description of the event and the available powerpoints below.

Morning session


  • Julije Domac, FEDARENE’s President
  • Pierre Cuypers, CESER’s President
  • Marc Lipinski, ARENE Île-de-France’s President




Round table

  • Jennifer Leblond, OuiShare Connector, OuiShare & POC21 Community Manager (full talk)

Discussion on “the role of territories and local stakeholders in the fight against climate change and ways to re-politicize environmental issue”:

  • Andrew Cooper, European Committee of the Regions (UK delegation and ENVE coordinator), Member of Kirklees Council
  • Marc Lipinski, ARENE Île-de-France’s President
  • Pirita Lindholm, Head of Brussels Office, Climate Alliance
  • Ernest Dione, Coordinator TYPHA programme, Senegalese Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Raphaël Claustre, General Delegate, CLER (French energy transition network)
  • Mercè Rius, ICAEN’s General Director (energy institute of Catalonia)
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Conclusions and Outlook

  • Michael Geissler, FEDARENE’s Secretary General

Afternoon session: 8 workshops

1.    Crowdfunding for local authorities and citizens

    • Lionel Guy, ARENE Île-de-France – Presentation of participatory and citizens renewable energy projects; aims, financing schemes and role of public actors and citizens
    • Alex Raguet, LUMO – Presentation of crowdfunding platforms through the example of the LUMO platform, dedicated to the funding of renewable energy projects
    • Olivier Berland, Energie Partagée – Promotion of the civic energy model, and presentation of the tools developed by Energie Partagée (association and citizens investment fund)
    • Hrvoje Maras, REGEA – Presentation of the citizens funding model developed by REGEA to finance individual solar thermal installations

2.    Renewable energy sources for heating and cooling

  • Stefano Faberi, ISIS – Introduction, the RES HC SPREAD project
  • Loriana Paolucci, ISIS – Data collection methodology for the assessment of the potential of heating and cooling from renewable
  • Christos Tourkolias, CRES – Stakeholders’ involvement, governance committees
  • Michele Sansoni, Arpa Emilia Romagna & Stefano Faberi, ISIS – Experience sharing: Emilia-Romagna and Castilla y León

3.    Financial tools and assistance for renovation for local authorities

  • Pierre Sachsé, Picardie Region – A collective approach and a single operator, two complementary approaches for a territory? Introduction
  • Paddy Phelan, Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency – Domestic loans in Kilkenny
  • Pierre Sachsé, Picardie Region – The Picardie Pass Renovation: what lessons can be drawn after two years of existence?
  • Francisco Puente, ESCAN – Energy performance Contracts for street lighting
  • Reinhard Six, EIB – New forms of interventions and financing in Europe. Overview of landmark experiences

4.    Decentralized cooperation

  • Sophie Dedieu, ARENE Ile-de-France – Cooperation, a method of action, Integrated Territorial Climate Plan in Dakar Region
  • Toni Vidan, Zelena Akcija, Friends of the Earth Croatia – Decentralized cooperation solidarity axes
  • Mbacké Niang, City of Dakar – Energy efficiency in buildings: an answer to mitigation issues

5.    Citizens’ role and World Wide View

  • Yves Matthieu, Public Missions – The global citizen debate (World Wide Event)
  • Valentin Lyant, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region – The global citizen debate in PACA Region
  • Oussama Bouarakia, Les Petits Débrouillards Moroccan association – Les Petits débrouillards Morocco « Jeunes engages des deux rives », international citizens cooperation project, based on younger generations and the Mediterranean around COP21, in particular with young people from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy and France

6.    How to progress in the implementation of energy efficiency at the regional level?

  • Christiane Egger, OÖ Energiesparverband – Energy efficiency perspective in the 28 Member States
  • Andrew Cooper, Kirklees City Councillor, Member of the European Committee of the Regions – Act local: How local and decentralized public action contributes to restricting warming to 2°C
  • Christelle Insergueix, ARENE Île-de-France – The support to regional energy efficiency policy in Île-de-France

7.    Technological innovation for the development of territories and smart cities

  • Ulf Hansson, Energikontor Sydost – Introduction
  • Waltraud Schmid, Energy Center Wien, @ TINA Vienna – Governance for integrative urban energy planning
  • Stefan Olsson, Energikontor Sydost – The experience of Växjö City: Actions for the reduction of energy demand and CO2 emissions
  • Sandra Garrigou, ARENE Île-de-France – Smart electricity grids serving smart cities

8.    Education and training for the fight against climate change

  • Mario Mazzoca, Abruzzo Regional Councillor – Environmental education, a key lever for the fight against climate change
  • Hélène Sanchez, ARENE Île-de-France – Climate and Territories World Summit 2015, Lyon, France and 3rd European Environment Education Days
  • Iris Flacco, ARAEN – Dina Studen, REGEA – Roberto Rodriguez, APEA – The Energiochi project
  • Hélène Sanchez, ARENE Île-de-France – A’ERE Centers: environmental camps and clubs for young people
  • Silva Herrmann, Energikontor NorrLocal Environmental Councils of young people in Sweden

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