The Consultation on Bioenergy Policy – Joint position paper of three Regional Councils in Finland

abril 20, 2016

This Position paper is addressed to the European Commission in response to the Public Consultation on the Preparation of a Sustainable Bioenergy Policy for the period after 2020. It is a joint position paper of the Regional Councils of Central Finland, Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia and Satakunta, Finland.

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.Summary of recommendations from Regional councils of Central Finland, Ostrobothnia, Satakunta and South Ostrobothnia:

1. Modern and innovative Finnish forest industry has a key role in boosting European bioeconomy.
2. Active management of the forests ensures the smart and sustainable utilization of the forest biomass in energy, products and services. This enables social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability. To maintain the carbon sink and forests as carbon stocks, we must also regenerate forests.
3. Biodiversity is guaranteed also in managed forests, when management is sustainable.
4. Nordic forestry represents the best practice e.g. Finland has very long traditions in sustainable forestry management and legislation. Based on active management of the forests in Finland, growing stocks has doubled since 1960’s. Development of the Finnish forestry is a result of an active dialogue between the stakeholders and includes highly developed inventories.
5. EU legislation should enhance innovations and guarantee favourable investment environment. This enable the boost in EU bioeconomy.

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