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An event in Amsterdam to hold city-focused session on long-term energy procurement

The war in Ukraine has reshaped European energy policy. And the new direction is clear – no more Russian energy imports by 2027, more and faster renewables deployment. Renewables are the key to Europe’s energy competitiveness, our security and

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Semaine franco-allemande de la transition énergétique

Elle a lieu autour du 22 janvier, date anniversaire du traité de l’Elysée, traité d’amitié franco-allemand. Durant cet événement, des actions créatives grand public auront lieu afin de mobiliser les consciences autour des questions de la transition énergétique et

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Sobriety and resilience at the heart of decentralised cooperation between Montpellier and Tlemcen

‘Setting the table’ for cities to make progress with energy-climate initiatives If you are travelling through Provence this summer, perhaps you will see, as I did, in the chapel at Arcs-sur-Argens, a beautiful mosaic by Chagall, representing angels setting

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Public food procurement: a game changer in the food systems transition

Public food procurement plays a crucial role in the transition towards sustainable food systems, having an impact both on production and consumption patterns. Public food procurement holds a transformative power across different parts of a food system. By facilitating small-scale producers’ access to the food

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“Imagine the city we want”

Op-ed by Sandra Vlašić, UNDP Wordsmith The UN-Habitat World Urban Forum, that recently took place in the Polish city of Katowice, has concluded on showing many efforts are still to be delivered to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 11

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The SHARED GREEN DEAL project begins work on people-centered climate neutrality by 2050 

Energy Cities is a partner in the new SHARED GREEN DEAL project that will use innovative social experiments to support the objectives of the European Green Deal, involving local communities across Europe. The project has received five million euros from

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Energy security and climate: Cities stepping up to protect Europe 

Summer is here and while travellers are preparing their luggage to reach their touristic destination, the holiday season is covering Europeans with a misleading sense of reassurance. Truth is, a war is raging in Ukraine, and energy supply is

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Matching the guidance with science: How to re-design national energy & climate plans

In today’s world, top-down National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) which are not grounded in local realities and potential will fail. Techno-centred, one-size-fits-all solutions will neither deliver on the objectives of the just transition, nor will it succeed in

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Trailblazers putting energy back in local hands

Last month we launched our community energy hub with a very inspiring webinar. What an honour to have had political leaders from Eeklo and Krizevci, two cities that were amongst the first ones to launch community energy, with us!

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The energy crisis, changing narratives and the myth of financial decentralization

The energy crisis hits hard Bulgarian municipalities. The country has no effective government in place; which aggravates the energy crisis at the local level, as municipalities – hit by high inflation, worsening energy poverty etc. – are unable to

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