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In our daily work with local governments and communities, we see this over and over again: whether they are civil servants, elected representatives or active citizens, many of them feel overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. They dream of having

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25 newly chosen pilot cities participating in the EU Cities Mission

25 cities committed to become climate neutral as part of the EU Cities Mission are on course to receive further EU support for ambitious climate-related projects, aimed at accelerating progress towards their 2030 goal. Through Horizon Europe, the EU’s

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“Europe is poor and the transition is very expensive”: oh, really?

The battle for the post-2027 European budget has begun. The pawns are being moved across the chessboard, and the campaign for the European elections provides the perfect backdrop for the somewhat caricatured positions between the North, which is “frugal”

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The post EUSEW 2024 – BANNER appeared first on Energy Cities. Fuente: ENERGY CITIES Enlace a la noticia: EUSEW 2024 – BANNER

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Grafting Cities 2024: Unveiling local transformations

At our Annual Forum on 26-27 June 2024, you will have access to focus sessions, interactive workshops and inspiring discussions that showcase the transformative efforts of local communities in reshaping their landscapes. If you haven’t already done so, register

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Energy Cities joins new Cool Heating Coalition

Decarbonising heating and cooling is an essential part of the transition to a low-carbon built environment. Yet according to Eurostat data, in 2021 renewables made up just 23 per cent of heating and cooling consumption in the EU.  With

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Dutch cities gain new powers to disconnect gas users and accelerate shift to district heating

The Dutch government recently passed the “Wet Gemeentelijke Instrumenten Warmtetransitie” (Municipal Heat Transition Instruments Act) as part of its national transition out of gas. To understand what this new law means for Dutch cities and citizens we asked Stephan

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Pioneering in community energy for heating and cooling

Solar and wind often come first when people think about energy communities. But they can be so much more! We see more and more citizen-led projects exploring the heating and cooling sector. Now, a LIFE project is dedicated to

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Jumping hurdles for energy communities in Europe

Since the concept of energy communities was initiated, hundreds of projects have been developed to support the creation of energy communities, but they have faced many difficulties. Political, social, cultural, and historical dynamics make the development of these communities

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Are EU countries following the “no-net-land take in 2050” recommendation?

In 2011, the European Commission announced the objective of ‘no-net-land take in 2050’ as a recommendation to preserve soil, protect biodiversity, and enhance everyone’s quality of life. Indeed, land conversion to artificial surfaces in Europe, primarily occurring in urban

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