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Green Cities Forum: advancing inclusive transitions

For a whole week, Brașov hosted the Green Cities Forum, to show its commitment to a carbon-free future. The Green Cities Forum welcomed an International Conference on Environmental Public Policies, from 9 to 12 September, as well as community

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Navigating between tech firms and farmers

In the very South of Ireland, there is this small but buzzing port city of Cork. The City Council and the County Council are leading an energy transition that embraces almost all sectors and players. A big boost came

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What is transport poverty and how can cities address it?

What happens when fuel prices go up? When old cars are not allowed to run? What happens to those who cannot afford these changes? The most vulnerable people should not be the ones to pay the highest price for

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Getting a grip on the grid: Energy communities in Germany and France

We know the immense potential of community energy for delivering a just transition. That is why we regularly share good examples and encourage municipalities and other local actors to support citizen energy or set up their own community. But

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What I learned this summer… or “the State of the European Dis-Union”

Yesterday, 15 September, the President of the European Commission was returning to deliver the now traditional State of the Union. This year’s address highlighted the grandeur of Europe, as it aims to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and thus

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The greatest brainstorming of our time

September is normally that time of the year where you get back to your heavy routine after having enjoyed a relaxing holiday break. In my country however, we have this past July experienced one of the worst heavy rainfalls

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An urban heating network puts Lille at the heart of the ecological and energy transition

Since late 2020, the heating network of the European Metropolis of Lille (France) has been supplying domestic hot water and heat to public facilities such as town halls and swimming pools, as well as social housing. It is connected

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The perfect match of data and heat planning

The role of heating in achieving a reduction target of 55% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is increasing. The recast Energy Efficiency Directive, as part of the legislative set presented by the European Commission on 14 July, foresees

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Tartu gets ready to become European Capital of Culture 2024

The City of Tartu in Estonia closed one of its roads to promote Tartu2024 as the European Capital of Culture this summer. The project was designed to be carried out by cultural operators: artists, organisers, institutions and creative entrepreneurs…Impossible

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For cities to achieve their decarbonisation, they need greater staff resources

Cities’ employees are the architects of the local energy transition. The lack of human resources is currently one of the main barriers to the decarbonisation of buildings, along with the lack of financing, technical capacity, lack of awareness, stakeholders’

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